29 Oct 2017

As 3rd party developers update their apps to take advantage of the new ConnectWise REST API, there are a couple steps partners need to take to get set up with the new integration method. Essential to every integration is the public/private key creation within the Member setup area of ConnectWise Manage. When you are asked to set up your public and private keys for an integration, these are the steps to take:

Open the CW Manage desktop app (not the web version) and log in with an account that has access to the Members Screen:

API members screen

Click + to create a new member. Then, you will need to include several details as if they are a regular user. Answers you must enter are:

  • Member ID
  • First Name, Last Name
  • Default Email, Default Phone
  • Security Role ID (we recommend you use a security role with the least access for this)
  • Security Level, Name
  • System Defaults for Owner ID, Default Location, Department
  • Time/Expense/Billing Info for Work Role, Time Approver, Expense Approver
  • Default Sales Territory

API Member details

After you click Save, the API Keys tab is selectable. Click + to add a new one then enter a description and click Save.

API setup

Once saved, the Public Key and Private Key will generate. Keep the private key safe in your password manager or other secure location as it will not be visible again after closing this window.

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