We developed the following resources to help partners get more out of ConnectWise, and develop their own knowledge of the platform. The more you know about your own database, the better.


  • ConnectWise Database Schema Compare Tool – Our Schema Compare Tool allows you to quickly access a list of database schema changes between any two version of ConnectWise starting with 2013.1.
    CW Database Schema Preview
  • ConnectWise Database References
  • Client Distance Calculator for ConnectWise – Article
    This helpful tool is a .NET-based application that retrieves your client data. It uses the ConnectWise API and the Google Maps API to calculate the distance between your office and each of your client sites.


As active members of the ConnectWise community, we like to be a part of the ongoing conversation about how partners can use the platform even more effectively. Here, you’ll find presentations addressing a variety of topics.

  • Marketing Automation Survey – NexNow Online Survey, April 2015
  • ConnectWise Custom Reporting 101ConnectWise London User Group, February 2014
  • Top 10 ConnectWise Features you should be using – ConnectWise London User Group, February 2013
  • Top 10 ConnectWise Features you should be using – ConnectWise IT Nation, November 2012
  • Dive into the Project Module, 2 hour lab – ConnectWise IT Nation, November 2011
  • The Secret Sauce behind Project Management – ConnectWise IT Nation, November 2010
  • Branding and Identity for Partners – ConnectWise IT Nation, November 2010

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