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Make ConnectWise work better with an integration from NexNow

You already know ConnectWise is a comprehensive platform for keeping your team, information, and processes streamlined and organized. But you're always on the lookout for new ways to improve workflow, efficiency, and functionality. And you use third-party systems and applications to help you do just that.

NexNow builds the bridge that gets your data flowing and systems communicating

Using supplemental tools, however helpful, can often make other things more complicated. Do you find yourself dealing with:

  • A disconnect between data sources?
  • Recurring tasks that could be automated to save time?
  • New data silos that ConnectWise was originally going to replace?
  • More importantly, do you want to turn separate platforms into one solution?

If you said yes to any of the above, the answer is NexNow's Integration Services.

We build the necessary infrastructure that integrates ConnectWise with third-party applications, tools, and services. Our custom integrations help you expand ConnectWise usability, customize functionality, streamline internal processes, and enrich the end user’s experience.

A custom integration from NexNow can:

  • Extend and improve the functionality and capabilities of ConnectWise
  • Integrate key processes and workflows across your systems and applications
  • Give you the best of both worlds by integrating your preferred third-party tools and services

Successful past integration projects include

  • Data feeds that automatically shuttle data back and forth between ConnectWise and third-party apps or custom-built systems.
  • Integrations that extend the range of ConnectWise's ability with third-party platforms and services.
  • Applications that dramatically increase ConnectWise functionality, or perform a specific set of tasks based on your particular workflow.

Our straightforward process looks like this

  • Consult: You tell us about a specific functionality you need developed or an integration you’d like to build.
  • Design: We scope the project and work closely with you to design the integration you want.
  • Build and Test: We develop your custom-built tool, then work with you to review and test it.
  • Document: We provide documentation about how the integration works so you always have all necessary details at hand.
  • Support: We provide ongoing support: if the integration needs additional functionally, or to be updated due to a ConnectWise upgrade, we're on it.

Why Us?

Our extensive experience working with ConnectWise means we're experts when it comes to ConnectWise and data.

We started as an MSP, using ConnectWise to streamline our service delivery and business operations, and in 2011 started building tools and solutions for ConnectWise partners. We make sure everything we create is smart, responsive, and, above all, easy to use.

Whether it's using ConnectWise APIs to get information in and out of the system, or working directly in the database, we have a solution.

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