Data Cleansing and Mass Updates

Optimize your ConnectWise database with NexNow

The way partners use ConnectWise grows and changes over time. But because of the user interface, outdated or incorrect configuration elements don’t get deleted the way they should. There’s no effective way to automatically clean, organize, and update your data: and doing it manually is no easy task.

The mass data cleansing and updating solution you’ve been looking for

You can’t leverage the real power of ConnectWise if you don’t have confidence in the way it’s configured and the data contained within. And trying to determine which information is outdated and which is accurate wastes everyone’s time.

We know that your database is the foundation of your business. And we know how to clean and update it, quickly and correctly, so that your organization can continue running smoothly.

Here's what our data cleansing processes can accomplish

Instantly removes inactive setup table items and boards

The ConnectWise interface provides little support for managing the setup tables and boards that have been created and fallen into disuse over the lifetime of your database. Instead of implementing workarounds, let us get rid of them completely.

Expertly cleans up and reorganizes your My Company structure

Fixing company structure information manually is time-consuming. We can do it quickly and accurately with a targeted system.

Relocates service boards to another location or business unit

Reorganizing service boards one-by-one is not a good allocation of anyone’s time or efforts. Our system completes these moves all at once, so you don't have to.

Identifies and merges duplicate companies and contacts

Duplicate information for the same company not only causes confusion for sales and marketing, it can negatively impact your reporting efforts. We’ve developed a sophisticated process that finds and eliminates duplicate information while preserving all your historical information. READ MORE

Accurately updates all company records based on a given criteria

When important information about a company changes, it’s essential that the change be reflected across all related records. The process we developed to perform this task makes that happen.

Augement your client data

Improving your selling efforts by having demographic details about your clients stored in ConnectWise. This data can improve your understanding of where you are having sales successes and where you are making money. This can provide valuable insights into where to direction sells energy and what your pricing strategy should be for different segments. We can add more depth to your customer profiles with data from global data sources.

Our straightforward process looks like this

  • Consult: You introduce us to your company’s business requirements, workflow, and implementation of ConnectWise.
  • Backup: We take a backup of your ConnectWise database immediately before (and after) we perform the updates.
  • Detect: We run specially developed code that intelligently detects and matches duplicate company and contact records within your ConnectWise database.
  • Validate: We work with you to validate the information we’ve pinpointed for updates and de-duplication, and help you determine which records should rem

Why Us?

We’re experts when it comes to ConnectWise and data. We provide a number of data-related services to partners and are the most knowledgeable group when it comes to ConnectWise data, outside of ConnectWise itself.

We build custom reports and data feeds, perform full ConnectWise database merges, and complete numerous data migration and conversions projects for partners worldwide.

We started as an MSP, using ConnectWise to streamline our service delivery and business operations, and in 2011 started building tools and solutions for ConnectWise partners. We make sure everything we create is smart, responsive, and, above all, easy to use.

Whether it’s using ConnectWise APIs to get information in and out of the system, or working directly in the database, we have a solution.

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