Database Migrations and Conversions

Full Database Merge and Data Conversion Services

NexNow is the data expert you need. We know the ConnectWise database inside and out. We're experts when it comes to getting data in and out of the system, effectively and without friction. We remove the barriers that are keeping your data stagnant and siloed.

Protect and preserve your data

Our expertise focuses on two particular scenarios: full mergers of two ConnectWise databases into one, and data conversions between legacy or third-party systems and ConnectWise.

When two companies come together, the amount of data they have between them is overwhelming. Without a knowledgeable source guiding that database transition, or merge, there’s a huge potential for something to go wrong.

Similarly, if you’ve been working with a legacy or third-party system and want to transfer your data over to ConnectWise, it’s important to make sure it’s done properly.

Your data is the foundation of your business. Don’t risk losing years and years of hard-earned information in the merger, acquisition, or system transfer process.

Merge two ConnectWise databases, safely and effectively

The amount and complexity of data ConnectWise produces, for even a relatively small organization, is significant. So when two companies decide to join forces through a merger or acquisition, preserving this rich history of data is important to their success going forward.

Our full-fidelity database merge combines your ConnectWise operations without sacrificing the investments you’ve made or undermining the delivery of your services. All main record types are preserved alongside all of the associated and underlying data stored within ConnectWise.

We start long before any of the data is merged. We work with you to plan for, and in some cases reconcile, the differences that exist between each company’s instance of ConnectWise. This includes:

  • Company structure and business units
  • Types (activities, companies, expenses, opportunities, products, projects, and more)
  • Statuses (activities, billing, companies, opportunities, projects, and more)

It's essential to take these differences into account before data are merged. It ensures that both organizations remain effective as they integrate their service delivery, billing, and business operations.

New to ConnectWise?
NexNow can help

The data migration process we have engineered combines consulting, planning, and full-fidelity data migration.

ConnectWise has an immense amount of capabilities when it comes to data. Most likely that’s why you’ve chosen it. But the process of moving data from one place to the other, whether it’s legacy data from another platform or data from a third-party system like SalesForce, is daunting.

As ConnectWise data experts, we know how to bring over the key data from your old system, efficiently and risk-free.

Here’s what we do:

  • Determine your ConnectWise database needs
  • Analyze the organization and requirements of your current system
  • Implement the transition

We share our ConnectWise knowledge with you to make sure you’re getting the most out of the platform.

Our straightforward process looks like this

  • Consult: You introduce us to your company's database merger or transition requirements.
  • Plan: We scope the project, then plan a project-specific process for implementation.
  • Backup: We take a backup of your ConnectWise database immediately before (and after) we perform the migration.
  • Migrate: We migrate the data.
  • Verify: We verify that the process has been completed effectively and with no issues.

Why Us?

We're experts when it comes to ConnectWise and data. We provide a number of data-related services to partners and are the most knowledgeable group when it comes to ConnectWise data, outside of ConnectWise itself.

We build custom reports and data feeds, perform full ConnectWise database merges, and complete numerous data migration and conversions projects for partners worldwide.

We started as an MSP, using ConnectWise to streamline our service delivery and business operations, and in 2011 started building tools and solutions for ConnectWise partners. We make sure everything we create is smart, responsive, and, above all, easy to use.

Whether it's using ConnectWise APIs to get information in and out of the system, or working directly in the database, we have a solution.

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