Custom Workflows and Process Automation

Automated solutions, built just for you

Our powerful, automated workflows simplify your interactions with ConnectWise. They reduce the amount of time it takes to finish recurring and repetitive tasks, so you can get back to doing the important things faster.

Streamlining your processes isn't just good for your sanity: it’s good for your entire business.

The case for automated workflows

Do you have recurring tasks or processes that don't fit the ConnectWise model, so you've had to create complex workarounds or bring on additional staff to get them done?

Reduce these issues with automated workflows

While built-in ConnectWise workflows can save time and money, they have limitations and may not be flexible enough for your specific situation.

We create automated workflows that are customized to your business processes and use sophisticated logic to address your needs. They aren't super complex or expensive: they simplify daily routines which, in turn, improves user satisfaction and the quality of your data. They're an investment that generates an instant and quantifiable ROI.


  • Easily eliminate repetitive, low-value tasks and allocate time for high-value activities.
  • Vastly improve customer service with faster responses, fewer errors, and better overall communication.
  • Effectively monitor and update your data to improve reliability and consistency.


When you drastically reduce the amount of clicks and screens it normally takes to complete certain tasks, you get more time to focus on more valuable tasks and projects.

Here are some of the successful workflow automations we’ve created

Sales Territory Management

When sales teams change, manually updating territories and related teams is time consuming. This updates company territories and teams automatically, and redistributes the team members assigned to your customers based on your company structure.

Opportunity Management and Procedure Enforcement

Keep your sales funnel clean and reliable by using a NexNow automation to update stages and expected close dates, or to populate default values that were not entered or are invalid. Do you have any opportunities that are “lost” but also in the “evaluation stage”? Keep them organized and properly categorized.

Product Updates

Keep all products assigned to the correct class and type categories, automatically.

Company Portal Access and Invitation Emails

Automate the onboarding process so that each new client has the appropriate security setup right away and receives credentials with a welcome email.

Sales Tracking

Track items when they sell and automatically create corresponding configuration records. This is particularly handy for tracking renewals and warranty expirations.

Member Cost

Keep your member cost data current and accurate with a script that populates and updates member hourly costs to. Avoid $0.00 cost labor because a member was not set up in time.

Commission Programs

Sales commission programs can be complicated to set up and track. We write scripts and create workflows that reduce the time it takes to calculate commission, and improve the accuracy of that reporting.

Our straightforward process looks like this

  • Consult: You introduce us to your company’s business requirements, workflow, and implementation of ConnectWise.
  • Design: We scope the project, then design the script or application based on your specific use and workflow.
  • Build and Test: We develop the required code, then work with you to review, test, and validate what we’ve built.
  • Document: We provide documentation so you always have all necessary details at hand.

Why Us?

We’re experts when it comes to ConnectWise implementation and processes.

Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the data schema and structures means we can help you identify where effective automation will have the most meaningful impact.

We started as an MSP, using ConnectWise to streamline our service delivery and business operations, and in 2011 started building tools and solutions for ConnectWise partners. We make sure everything we create is smart, responsive, and, above all, easy to use. Whether it’s building a .NET application that communicates with ConnectWise APIs, or a customized SQL script, we have a solution.

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