15 Jun 2016

When companies go through a reorganization, there is a lot of information and data that needs to be taken into account. Here’s the process we used to help a client make sure the re-structuring, particularly within ConnectWise, went smoothly and had a positive outcome.


The Problem

In this particular case, our client was radically changing the structure of the company.

This affected a number of things in their ConnectWise install, most notably the Structure and Groups tabs of the My Company screen.

We knew that the first step was to work with them to understand and establish what the new structure should look like. Then we would build scripts to move everything at once.

ConnectWise does not offer UI options to move much in the structure. The structure controls a lot of things, from invoicing to access rights to service boards.

The Process

Step 1: Identify what the new structure should look like, and where all existing information should end up.

Step 2: Map how things will move, e.g. which nodes in the old structure should collapse into new structure nodes.

Step 3: Identify a logical way to split anything that needs to be separated out. In this case, our client needed certain service boards to flow to specific locations. We based the logic we used to work through with on their Groups.

Step 4: Develop the scripts and test them. As with most of our larger data projects, we use the training database in ConnectWise. We develop scripts and run on them the training DB, which allows the client to look at the new structure first and make sure it’s what they want. We can then repeatedly reapply the migrations on training to make tweaks before going live.

Step 5: Prep, and go live.

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